Ideas from me, the guy with the ideas!

To tackle problems that might not actually exist. I have a 3 year plan! Profits through the roof!

Survival Tent for Oxegen

Did your tent get set of fire?
Did someone throw projectiles at your tent?
Did you have sleepless nights wondering when some scumbags would wreck your tent?
The all new Stephen O Connor Metal tent for Oxegen. Withstands people setting it on fire! Projectiles getting thrown at it. Drunken idiots falling through it.

It comes flat pack with some simple instructions even a drunken fool could comprehend.

Clip off heel shoes!

Ladies, are you tired of walking around in heels and getting blisters?

Well not anymore with the super convenient clip off heel shoes!
Clip the heels off then just throw them in your bag. When you get to were you want put your heels back on.

Say Goodbye to Saddles!

Tired of saddle pains, chafing and damaging your prostate!
Well not anymore with this little beauty!
The Saddless Bicycle.